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  • Icon - all TCU Available to current TCU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Icon - fac/staff/grad Available to TCU faculty, staff, and grad students only.
  • Icon - Brite Available to Brite students, faculty, and staff only.
  • Icon - Clark Society Available to Clark Society members.
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Best Bets for Engineering

IEEE XploreAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
IEEE Xplore provides access to over three million full-text documents in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. Includes journals, conference proceedings, technical standards, eBooks, and educational courses. Limited to 15 users at once. Coverage dates: 1998 - Current.
Web of ScienceAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Web of Science searches thousands of journals in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. A unique feature of Web of Science is the ability to see which articles have cited a given article. Web of Science offers the ability to search many databases simultaneously, including Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, and several others. Coverage dates: 1945 - Current.
OnePetroAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
OnePetro searches a broad range of technical literature related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. OnePetro includes full text access to publications of several major professional organizations in the industry. Coverage dates: 1933 - Current.

Scholarly Communication Librarian and Science Research Liaison

Jeff Bond

office: 2105

More databases for Engineering

AAPG DatapagesAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provides online access to all AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) publications, as well as access to the publications of many local geological societies. Coverage dates: 1917 - Current.
Academic Search CompleteAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
A massive multidisciplinary resource with an abundance of full text. Abstracts and indexes 9000+ journals and includes the full text of 5500+ journals. 4000+ of the journals are peer-reviewed. Coverage dates: Varies.
AccessScienceAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Based on the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. It includes articles, definitions, images, biographies, and some multimedia. Coverage dates: Current.
ACM Digital LibraryAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provides online access to all ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) journals, transactions, magazines, and other publications. After performing a search, click on “ACM Guide to Computing Literature” to expand your search to include material from other computer science publishers. Coverage dates: 1952 - Current.
Derwent Innovations IndexAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Derwent Innovations Index searches millions of patents from all of the major patent authorities worldwide. Coverage dates: 1963 - Current.
IOPscience ExtraAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
IOPscience Extra contains the full text of all journals published by the Institute of Physics and the American Astronomical Society, and several other physics and astronomy publishers. Coverage dates: 1874 - Current.
OSA PublishingAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
OSA Publishing contains the full text of journals and conference proceedings published by the Optical Society of America (OSA). Coverage dates: 1917 - Current.
Science & Technology CollectionAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Science & Technology Collection searches hundreds of journals in the science and technology fields, and includes full text for many journals. Subjects include astrophysics, biology, chemistry, computer technology, geology, physics, archaeology and materials science. Coverage dates: 1900 - Current.
ScienceDirectAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
ScienceDirect provides access to hundreds of full-text journals published by Elsevier in a wide range of subject areas including science, engineering, technology, medicine and business. Coverage dates: 1995 - Current.
SciTech Premium CollectionAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Includes the Natural Science Collection and the Technology Collection and provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and more. Coverage dates: 1946 - Current.
Shock & Vibration DigestAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Shock & Vibration Digest searches topics related to shock and vibration, including noise, vibration technologies, and other areas. Coverage dates: 1955 - Current.
Small Engine Repair Reference CenterAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Small Engine Repair Reference Center provides users with detailed, yet user-friendly repair guides for all manner of small engines. Coverage dates: 1983-Current.
SpringerLinkAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
SpringerLink contains the full text of journals, eBooks, and conference proceedings published by Springer. Coverage dates: 1996 - Current.
Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, updated quarterly, is a comprehensive reference work that covers electrical and electronics engineering, including both basic and advanced topics.
Wiley Online LibraryAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Wiley Online Library is a multi-disciplinary database that provides access to millions of articles from thousands of journals, thousands of books, and hundreds of multi-volume reference works. Coverage dates: Varies.
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