SciFinder Access

SciFinder requires a one-time registration, and requires downloading a Java-based structure editor for drawing molecules.

Go to SciFinder (You must have created an account using the link below first.)

The first time you access the Substances or Reactions page, your browser may display a banner near the top of the window asking if you want to run the Java application required by the structure editor. You will need to click on the banner to enable the application. Check the box that asks if you want to "always trust this site," so that you don't get prompted in the future.

Register for SciFinder

NOTE: In the form where SciFinder asks for your e-mail address, you must use your TCU e-mail address (address ending in ""). Their system will send a confirmation e-mail to that address, which you must open to complete registration.

After you have registered, go to the SciFinder Java plugin download page to download the chemical structure drawing editor.

Note on downtime:
SciFinder does weekly maintenance that brings the database down on Saturdays from 9pm-midnight. They do monthly maintenance that brings the database down the first Saturday of each month from 4pm-midnight.

Reviewed by Jeff Bond, 8/26/2010