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D&B Million Dollar Database
Provides Company information for 14 million U.S. businesses. Corporate family trees are included. Advanced Search option allows you to search only for companies that match specific criteria (ex. Geographical area, industry type, sales, size, etc.) Users may download a maximum of 100 files. Limited to 3 users at once. Coverage dates: Current.
Dance Collection Catalog
The NYPL Dance Collection catalog contains descriptions of materials on all forms of dance, and serves as an index to international dance periodicals. To search Dance holdings, select Dance Research Collection. To read about the Dance collections or access online materials go to the Jerome Robbins Dance Division web page. Coverage dates: 1974 - Current.
Dance Online: Dance in Video
Dance in Video highlights many forms and styles of dance through hundreds of performance, documentary, interview and instructional videos. Up-and-coming as well as leading companies and individuals are featured. Linking, embedding and playlists are possible. Transcripts are available for many videos. Coverage dates: 20th century.
Dance Online: Dance Studies Collection
Archive of historical context of dance through 125,000 pages of exclusive photographs, correspondence, magazines, dance notation, and reference materials. Coverage dates: 20th and 21st century.
The home of the U.S. Government’s open data.
Database of Classical Bibliography/L'Année philologique
Updated annually, this international bibliography of books, periodical articles, and dissertations covering classical antiquity indexes publications about the history, language, literature and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. Many entries contain short abstracts. Coverage dates: 1969 - 1999.
Database of Recorded American Music (DRAM)
Anthology collection of American music in streaming audio including: classical, folk, opera, jazz, country, early rhythm and blues, musical theater, experimental, electronic, early rock and Native American music.
Defining Gender
Primary source documents that cover topics in gender studies and includes topics such as the family, education, and consumer culture. Coverage dates: 1450 - 1910.
Dictionary of Irish Biography Online
Published in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy, the Dictionary of Irish Biography is a comprehensive and authoritative reference work for Ireland. The dictionary outlines the careers at home and overseas of prominent people born in Ireland, north and south, and the noteworthy Irish careers of those born outside Ireland. Coverage dates: Ancient - 2002.
Dictionary of Literary Biography
The essays of the Dictionary of Literary Biography outline the lives and careers of nearly 10,000 authors from all eras and genres and summarize the critical response to their work.
Digital Microfilm (ProQuest)
Search for actual scanned copies (including ads) of the following publications: American Banker, Barron's, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. Coverage dates: 2008 - Current.
Digital National Security Archive
Curated collection of declassified government documents covering U.S. policy on critical world events from 1945 to present. Coverage dates: 1945 - 2014.
Directory of Open Access Journals
The Directory of Open Access Journals contains the full text of thousands of quality-controlled scientific and scholarly journals.
Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement
Comprehensive and international set of resources to enrich study of disability in a wide range of disciplines from media studies to philosophy.
Dissertations and Theses (ProQuest)
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global searches millions of dissertations and theses from around the world, and has over one million dissertations in full text. Coverage dates: 1743 - Current.
Dissertations and Theses @Texas Christian University
Dissertations and Theses @Texas Christian University contains the full text of dissertations and theses produced by TCU students from 1996-present. Coverage dates: 1996 - Current.
Drama Online
Drama Online provides contextual and critical background for theatre through scholarly works and practical guides. Critical interpretations, theatre history surveys, and major reference works on authors, movements, practitioners, periods, and genres are included alongside performance and practitioner texts and acting and backstage guides. Also includes monologues and plays. Coverage dates: Ancient times to Current.
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