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  • all TCU affiliated individuals Available to current TCU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Faculty staff graduate students only Available to TCU faculty, staff, and grad students only.
  • Brite affiliated individuals only Available to Brite students, faculty, and staff only.
  • Clark Society affiliated individuals Available to Clark Society members.
  • all patrons Available to all patrons.

Best Bets for Spanish and Hispanic Studies

JSTORAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Cross-disciplinary, scholarly electronic journal collection containing the full text of back issues of journals in many different subject areas. Also includes thousands of eBooks. Especially strong in Arts and Sciences. Coverage dates: Varies.
MLA International BibliographyAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
MLA International Bibliography is a bibliography of journal articles, books and dissertations produced by the Modern Language Association. This electronic version of the Bibliography dates back to 1926 and contains over 1.5 million citations from more than 4,400 journals and series and 1,000 book publishers. Coverage dates: 1926 - Current.
Literature Resource CenterAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Includes information on literary figures from all time periods, covering more than 111,250 novelists, poets, essayists, and journalists. Some of the types of information included are criticism, biographies, bibliographies, work overviews, Web sites, periodical articles, full-text author's works, and reading lists. Users can search by author and work. Coverage dates: Varies.

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Ammie E. Harrison

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More databases for Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Anthropology PlusAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Covers topics in Anthropology, Archaeology, Ethnography, and other topics related to Anthropology. Coverage dates: 19th century - Current.
AnthroSourceAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Archive of articles and news published by the American Anthropological Association. Coverage dates: Varies.
Arts & Humanities Citation IndexAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
An index to the journal literature of the arts and humanities. It covers 1,160 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals. It also indexes individually selected, relevant items from over 6,800 major science and social science journals. Coverage dates: 1981 - Current.
Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
The largest online collection of 18th- and 19th-century newspapers from the Caribbean. Covers Caribbean and Atlantic history, cultures, and daily life. It features more than 140 newspapers. Most of these newspapers were published in the English, but a number are in Spanish, French, and Danish. Countries represented: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Bartholomew, St. Christopher, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands. Bermuda, an island not technically part of the Caribbean, but situated on shipping routes between Europe and this region, is included. Coverage dates: 1718-1876.
Contemporary AuthorsAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Provides biographical information, critical sources for further research and bibliographical details on over 120,000 modern U.S. and international authors. Coverage dates: 1900 - Current.
Contemporary Literary Criticism SelectAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Provides more than 11,000 critical essays on contemporary authors, with biographical information, principal works, and critical sources for further research. Coverage dates: 1997 - Current.
Dictionary of Literary BiographyAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
The essays of the Dictionary of Literary Biography outline the lives and careers of nearly 10,000 authors from all eras and genres and summarize the critical response to their work.
Early Encounters in North AmericaAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Contains narratives, diaries, journals, and letters documenting the relationships among peoples in North America from 1534 to 1850. The collection focuses on personal accounts and provides unique perspectives from all of the protagonists, including traders, slaves, missionaries, explorers, soldiers, native peoples, and officials, both men and women. Coverage dates: 1534-1850.
Early European BooksAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
The collected series of Early European Books brings online 200 years of remarkable insights into pre-18th century Europe. Coverage dates: 1450 - 1700.
ERIC - EBSCOAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Contains articles and reports regarding all aspects of education. Coverage dates: 1966 - Current.
Fuente Academica PremierAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Contains scholarly articles written in Spanish for the following subjects: Agriculture, Biology, Economics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and more. Coverage dates: Varies.
Gale Artemis Literary SourcesAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
This interface allows you to search all of Gale literary resources, including Contemporary Authors, Literature Criticism Online, Contemporary Literary Criticism Select, and Dictionary of Literary Biography. Material includes critical essays and articles, biographical information, and critical sources for further research. You can also search a particular publication or electronic resource. Coverage dates: Varies.
Handbook of Latin American StudiesAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to all patrons.
An annotated bibliography of works on Latin America covering various topics in the humanities and social sciences, Handbook of Latin American studies have academic scholars choose choose over 5,000 works to be included in the bibliography. Coverage dates: 1936 - Current.
HAPI (Hispanic American Periodicals Index)Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) contains more than 500 key Latin American journal articles with information about Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean basin, the United States-Mexico border region, and Hispanics in the United States dating back to 1970. It contains complete bibliographic citations and limited full text. Coverage dates: 1970 - Current.
Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
The single largest compilation of Spanish-language newspapers printed in the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries. Including many newspapers published bilingually in Spanish and English. As part of the America's Historical Newspapers, Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980 can be cross-searched with other historical collections. Coverage dates: 1808 - 1980.
Historical Abstracts with Full TextAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Peer-reviewed journal articles covering the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada). Coverage dates: 1955 - Current.
Humanities Full TextAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Humanities Full Text includes many important academic journals in the humanities with the full text of articles from over 300 periodicals dating back to 1995, and indexing for almost 700 journals, 470 of them peer-reviewed, dating back to 1984. The database also includes original works of fiction, drama, and poetry. Coverage dates: 1984 - present.
Humanities International IndexAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Indexes and abstracts over 2000 titles in the humanities from articles, essays and reviews, as well as original creative works including poems, fiction, photographs, paintings and illustrations. Coverage dates: 1925 - Current.
Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA)Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Abstracts and indexes the international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences. The database covers all aspects of the study of language including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Complete coverage is given to various fields of linguistics including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographical linguistics. The database provides abstracts of journal articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations and citations to book reviews Coverage dates: 1973-Current.
Literature Criticism OnlineAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Literature Criticism Online includes six Thompson-Gale series: Contemporary Literary Criticism, Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism, Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Shakespearean Criticism, Literature Criticism from 1400-1800, and Short Story Criticism. Volumes before 2007 are included, however, some early texts are not available online. These texts can be obtained in print from offsite storage. Coverage dates: 1400-Current.
OmniFile Full Text SelectAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provides access to the full text of articles from approximately 3,400 publications, many of them peer-reviewed. Core subjects include art, education, humanities, law, social sciences and technology. Some graphical content, podcasts, foreign language article translations and article read-alouds. Coverage dates: 1994 - Current.
Oxford Research EncyclopediasAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Peer-reviewed, historiographically-informed articles in all areas of Latin American history. Articles are continuously updated, and also include images, links, and audiovisual clips. Coverage dates: Pre-1492 - Present.
Primary Sources (Gale)Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Search all Gale British and American primary source documents from a single site. Includes newspaper and magazine archives, as well as pamphlets, letters, books, etc. Use the "Searching Databases" dropdown to focus on specific collections. Coverage dates: 1500-2012.
Project MUSEAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provides full-text to over 300 high quality humanities, arts, and social sciences journals from 60 scholarly publishers. Every journal is peer-reviewed. Coverage dates: Varies.
Sabin AmericanaAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Primary source documents relevant to the history of the Americas, including Central, North, and South America. Coverage dates: 1500-1926.
SciELO Citation IndexAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
SciELO Citation Index searches hundreds of journal titles with regional emphases on Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and South Africa. Major subjects covered include the physical and life sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Coverage dates: 1997 - Current.
Scribner WritersAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Scribner Writers contains the full text for more than 1600 critical essays on the lives and works of important authors from around the world. Entries include hyperlinks for cross-referencing, citation, and biographical information. Coverage dates: Varies.
TorrossaAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Consists of EIO Italian Studies, comprising of 902 e-books and 68 e-journals, and CSIC E-journals, comprising 37 e-Journals. Full text articles and ebooks available in Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Coverage dates: Varies.
Twayne's Authors SeriesAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Twayne's Authors Series contains the full text literary criticism about the lives and works of writers, the history and influence of literary movements, and the development of literary genres. Content is from nearly 600 books from the following three print series – United States Authors, English Authors and World Authors Coverage dates: Varies.
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