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  • Icon - all TCU Available to current TCU students, faculty, and staff.
  • Icon - fac/staff/grad Available to TCU faculty, staff, and grad students only.
  • Icon - Brite Available to Brite students, faculty, and staff only.
  • Icon - Clark Society Available to Clark Society members.
  • Icon - all patrons Available to all patrons.

Best Bets for Video

Ambrose Video 2.0Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Provides a wide range of multidisciplinary streaming video content. Subjects include science, fine arts, literature, religion, minority studies, U.S. history and world history. Instructor guides, quizzes and timelines are available for some programs. Closed captions are searchable. Public performance rights are included.
Filmakers Library OnlineAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Filmakers Library Online provides award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum--race and gender studies, human rights, globalization and global studies, multiculturalism, international relations, criminal justice, the environment, bioethics, health, political science and current events, psychology, arts, literature, and more.
Films On DemandAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
FoD is a growing repository of on-demand video for multiple subject disciplines. Content is from sources such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, History Channel, National Geographic, TED and television networks such as BBC and CBC. Embedding or linking to videos is possible and transcripts are available.

More databases for Video

AdForum Creative NetworkAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Watch, listen and read through the catalog of television, web radio, and print ads, as well as individual case studies of high profile works. Ads are sourced from the 36 leading and most respected international award shows and over 20,000 agencies worldwide. Coverage dates: 1998 to present.
Alexander Street Press VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
High quality academic films from BroadwayHD, Milestone Films, and Sony Pictures Classics. Coverage dates: 1900s to present.
American History in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Streaming historical documentary films from PBS and the History Channel as well as original newsreels from 1929-1967. Coverage dates: 16th century - 1990s.
BBC Shakespeare PlaysAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Streaming videos of all 37 of Shakespeare's plays. These productions feature some of Britain's most distinguished theatrical talent. Coverage dates: Late 16th - early 17th century.
Black Studies CenterAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Collection of primary and secondary sources that record and illuminate the Black experience, from ancient Africa through modern times. Includes dissertations and video of history makers. Coverage dates: 1600- present.
Britannica OnlineAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Fully searchable collection of authoritative references that provide timely, relevant and trustworthy information. Includes both short and book-length articles on every subject. Search results can come from two encyclopedias, a media database, magazine articles, websites, audio and video sources.
Counseling and Therapy in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Provides a large and rich collection of videos for the study of counseling, social work, psychotherapy, psychology and psychiatric counseling. Study, observe, and experience a wide variety of different therapy and counseling methods and approaches as practiced by experts in their field.
Dance Online: Dance in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Dance in Video highlights many forms and styles of dance through hundreds of performance, documentary, interview and instructional videos. Up-and-coming as well as leading companies and individuals are featured. Linking, embedding and playlists are possible. Transcripts are available for many videos. Coverage dates: 20th century.
EVIA Digital Archive ProjectAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
A digital archive of ethnographic field videos.
MasterFILE CompleteAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Multidisciplinary resource including full text for more than 2,300 general publications. Also included are more than 870 full text reference books, more than 73,000 full-text primary source documents and an image collection of more than 1.6 million photos, maps and flags. Coverage dates: 1922-present.
MedOne ComSciAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Offers full-text access to journals Seminars in Hearing and Seminars in Speech and Language; 45 premier audiology and speech-language pathology e-books; over 160 clinical cases with review questions and answers; and 5,000+ images with legends and 100 videos. Coverage dates: 2000 - present, Varies by media.
Met Opera on Demand: Student AccessAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Streaming video or audio of full-length Metropolitan Opera performances including HD theater transmissions, classic telecasts and early radio broadcasts. Included English synopsis and subtitles. Coverage dates: 1936 - present.
Music Online: Classical Music in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Streaming video of classical music containing approximately 1500 performances and master classes. Includes orchestral, chamber, oratorio and solo performances as well as master classes and interviews with world-renowned master teachers. Coverage dates: Renaissance - Current.
Music Online: Opera in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Streaming video of 250 opera performances as well as interviews and documentaries about opera. Selections represent the world's best in opera, chosen based on importance to the operatic canon. Coverage dates: Baroque - 20th century.
Nursing Education in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Nursing Education in Video is an online collection of videos created specifically for the education and training of nurses, nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers. The videos in this collection have been created by Medcom-Trainex. Coverage dates: Current.
Paley Center SeminarsAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Paley Center Seminars is an online video archive of the acclaimed seminar series held by The Paley Center for Media in New York and Los Angeles. The seminars feature the leading names in media discussing the creative process, contemporary issues in production, and the impact of the media on society. Coverage dates: Current.
Pharmacology WorldAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
These videos cover all major drug classes and include: mechanism of action, key pharmacokinetics, major therapeutic uses, and common and serious adverse effects. Incorporates relevant physiology, pathophysiology and biochemistry.
Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975Available to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Rock and roll, counterculture, peace and protest. Coverage dates: 1950-1975.
ProCitizenAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
An online course to prepare new Americans for the civics, reading, and writing parts of the USCIS Naturalization Test. Includes 100 instructional videos in both English and Spanish.
Psychotherapy.netAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff. produces and distributes training DVDs in the field of psychotherapy. The videos show master psychotherapists in action in actual sessions, and they discuss their thoughts behind their interventions. Videos also capture the critical non-verbal aspects of therapy, including body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and the rhythm of the therapist-client interaction.
Safari Books OnlineAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Safari Books Online's on-demand digital library provides access to over 40,000 technology books and videos from leading publishers. Coverage dates: 1972-Current.
SAGE Research Methods VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
SAGE Research Methods Video contains more than 125 hours of video, including tutorials, case study videos, expert interviews, and more, covering the entire research methods and statistics curriculum. The videos can help to bring methods to life: instead of reading about how to conduct a focus group, students can watch one in action. Through these videos, 60% of which are exclusive to SAGE, students can find extra help and support to guide them through every step of their research project and succeed in their research methods course.
Small Business Reference CenterAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Access articles, books, and videos for small business and entrepreneurial topics. Provides information on business basics, industry information by small business type, start-up kits and business plans, and more. Coverage dates: 1986-Current.
StratforAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Access nonpartisan, international news, intelligence reports, analysis, and more. Topics include economics and finance, energy, military, politics, terrorism/security, and more. Videos, maps, and articles available. Coverage dates: Current.
Theatre in VideoAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.Available to Clark Society members.
Theatre in Video contains more than 250 definitive performances of the world's leading plays, together with more than 100 film documentaries, online in streaming video - more than 500 hours in all. This release contains 279 titles, representing hundreds of leading playwrights, actors and directors. Coverage dates: 1936 - 2005.
WarcAvailable to current TCU students/faculty/staff.
Provides intelligence solutions for students, faculty, and staff in advertising, marketing, and mass communications. Contains advertising and marketing cases, industry news and profiles, and streaming video from advertising campaigns. Coverage dates: 1980 to present.
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