Vol. IX, no. 1..........................................WINDOWS............................................Nov. 1996

Friends Sponsor Book Sale

by Roger Rainwater

Work began at seven in the morning. While it was still dark, volunteers set up tables and moved and unpacked hundreds of boxes of books on either side of the library shipping dock, preparing for the largest book sale in TCU Library history on Friday, October 25. The sale, sponsored by the Friends of the TCU Library, offered over 10,000 books and magazines to all comers, many of whom gathered before the 8 a.m. opening. The books and magazines constituted the Sagamore Hill Library, a charitable, non-profit corporation founded by Eugene and Helen Webb, and represented a wide-ranging array of subjects, including the American Southwest, American Indians, and American literature. Upon Mr. Webb's death, the board of directors of the Sagamore Hill Library—which includes former Friends president, Lloyd Scurlock and TCU history professor, Ben Procter—decided to give the library collection to the Friends of the TCU Library for the benefit of the University Library. With assistance from Bob Seal (University Librarian) and Dennis Odom (Reference Librarian), Dennis Gibbons (Collection Development Coordinator) and Roger Rainwater (Coordinator for Special Collections) went through the collection at Sagamore Hill last summer, selecting titles to add to the TCU Library. Approximately 500 titles were chosen. The rest of the material was either already in the collection or was out of scope and was offered to the general public at bargain prices: fifty cents for paperbacks and one dollar for hardbacks. A large selection of children's books was offered at especially low prices. Business was steady most of the day as buyers, browsers, and sale staff moved among the thousands of books spread out on tables, and later, on the ground. The sale grossed more than $3, 000. All proceeds will be used by the Friends to directly support TCU library programs.

The sale, organized by an ad hoc committee of library staff, chaired by Dennis Gibbons, was weeks in the planning. Many thanks to all staff who volunteered to work the sale or who supported the volunteers by organizing food and drink.

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