Vol. IX, no. 2..........................................WINDOWS ..........................................March 1997 

Message from the University Librarian

by Bob Seal 
    The Library staff has undertaken a variety of projects over the past three years, including two significant endeavors: rearranging the entire first floor stacks in the summer of 1995 and placing call-number labels on bound periodicals beginning last Fall.  The latter project is still going on after several months, but is nearing completion.  The reason for the labeling is that we have a goal to rearrange the bound journals by call-number sometime later this year or in 1998.  Since for most of the Library's history we never cataloged periodicals (we simply arranged them by title), no volume had a call number label.  So tens of thousands of volumes have been labeled by staff volunteers.  At the same time, staff are identifying periodicals titles to be sent downtown to our new off-site storage center.  We will move approximately 9,000 linear feet (close to two miles) of little-used periodicals and other materials to provide room for future growth.  The stacks are quite full and the storage center is an interim solution until our building can be expanded.  The move off-site is a major project in itself and a staff committee has worked very hard to prepare for it.  The movement of materials from the Mary Couts Burnett Library to downtown Fort Worth will take many weeks to complete and is a joint effort of the Library staff and TCU's Facilities Services Department. 
    Speaking of a major effort, Mary Parham recently updated her history of the Friends of the TCU Library.  Her late husband Paul, former director of the Mary Couts Burnett Library, worked with community members to start our Friends group 25 years ago this past January.  A few years ago, Mary wrote a very fine history of the Friends which many of you have seen.  In celebration of the Friends' silver anniversary, we asked Mary to update her work.  In addition to printed copies, it will also be available at the Library's Web site (click on the Friends' Web Page). Mary, we are extremely grateful to you for your time and effort in this important project.  You have again shown us what it means to be a true friend of the TCU Library. 

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