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Vol. X, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

March 1998
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Double Treat for 1998 Friends Banquet
by Jim Lee

Kate LehrerJim Lehrer     Friends of the TCU Library can double their pleasure this spring when they join Jim and Kate Lehrer at the annual banquet on April 3rd.

     Besides sharing the podium at the Colonial Country Club for the banquet, the Lehrers have shared many other things: thirty-seven years of marriage, three daughters, and fifteen books.

     Kate began writing novels later than Jim, but her first three, Best Intentions, When They Took Away the Man in the Moon, and Out of Eden all received rave reviews. The Dallas News said of her latest, Out of Eden, "Jane Austen would have loved this story. In fact, if she lived today, she might have written it herself." Television journalist Roger Mudd wrote of Best Intentions, "Kate Lehrer is a fresh and original voice writing about lives she knows better than anyone in Washington."

     The Lehrers live in the nation's capital, where Kate writes novels and Jim's The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer is America's most respected program of news and analysis. But their roots are firmly in Texas soil--both having grown up here. Jim is a native of Kansas, but spent much of his life in Texas. And as all members of the TCU family know, Kate is on of the star graduates of the University.

    Jim Lehrer was first known to area residents as a reporter for the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times-Herald and as host of the landmark Newsroom on KERA (Channel 13). In 1975, Jim went to Washington and joined Robert MacNeil as co-host of the prestigious evening news program that, after MacNeil's retirement, became The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Jim acted as moderator for the Dole-Clinton debates and has interviewed almost every major Washington figure on national television.

     Jim's first novel, the comic Viva Max!, was made into a hilarious film starring Peter Ustinov, Jonathan Winters, and John Astin. Viva Max! was only the beginning of a literary career that has stretched over ten novels, two memoirs, and three plays. His 1997 novel, White Widow, a bittersweet, sad, serious novel about a bus driver on the Houston/Corpus Christi run, received glowing reviews--as have his mysteries, his comic One-Eyed Mac novels, and his non-fiction books about the bus business.

     Jim grew up in a bus company family. His father was manager of various lines during the heyday of bus travel and even owned a small line in the midwest (see We Were Dreamers). Jim worked as a Trailways ticket agent in Victoria while attending Victoria College and has turned his experiences in the bus trade into a life-long hobby. In A Bus of My Own he tells of his collection of bus memorabilia which includes his own Flxible coach--the bus that plied the highways of America from the 30s through the 50s.

     Kate and Jim are excellent speakers, and Friends of the TCU Library are in for an evening of double pleasure and double fun when the Lehrers return home to Texas.

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