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Vol. X, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

March 1998
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Micro Lab Movin' On Up
by Sara Baron

     The Mary Couts Burnett Library microcomputer lab, currently in the sub basement, will be relocated to the first floor of the Library by this summer. The move will triple the square space of the lab and include doubling the number of computer workstations. The new location will make the lab more accessible and will provide cutting edge technological resources to TCU students, faculty and staff.

     According to Computer Services Librarian James Lutz, "A larger and computer savvy student population is arriving to campus each year. Even with the lab open over a 100 hours a week there are times when as many as four to five students will wait fifteen minutes to use a computer. We are very excited to be doubling in size."

     Open 100 hours a week, the new computer lab will have 45 Windows 95 computers, 2 multimedia authoring stations with scanners and CD-Recordable drives, networked laser printing, Internet accessibility and popular software applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and database management. The lab will also have three notebook computers available for check-out and use anywhere in the Library.

    "Accessibility and service oriented lab assistants make the computer lab a heavily used resource," states Lutz. In addition to providing trained staff to assist students with computer applications, the Library is exploring the possiblity of inviting a member of the Writing Center to work in the lab and assist students with papers.

     The new computer lab will be a vital academic service for the TCU community. Lutz assures a quality lab and "Keeping up with technology is difficult but enhancing the computer lab's technology provides TCU students resources that will help them be competitive in tomorrow's job market."

    This expansion and upgrade of the computer lab was made possible by a $155,000 gift from TTI, a leading electronics distribution firm in Fort Worth.

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