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Vol. X, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

November 1998
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Students Flock to New Computer Lab

     Barb.jpg (5480 bytes)How do you measure a gift? For many it is the financial sum. Paul E. Andrews, TTI, Inc company chairman, who attended both TCU and the University of Texas, contributed $155,000 for the Mary Couts Burnett Library Computer Lab renovation and expansion. Moving up from the sub-basement level to the library's main floor, the computer lab now occupies the space that housed the technical services unit.

    Thirty-two new computers were purchased and added to eleven older computers to offer forty-two general student computer workstations and a lab assistant workstation. Two state-of-the-art computers were purchased to provide multimedia authoring capability. These two workstations provide facilities for scanning documents, photographs, slides, and negatives. Each station is equipped with a digital video camera for both video and still image capture. Increased storage capacity is offered by Zip drives and CD-ROM Recordable/Writable drives. All computers print to four networked high speed laser printers.

    While the inventory is impressive, it is not the only measure of success. Mary Couts Burnett Library's Computer Lab is a showcase on the "Monday at TCU" prospective student tours. New carpeting, paint, computer furniture and lounge furniture complete the renovation. Departing from the traditional computer lab model, an historic library photo display is placed above the lounge area. Trees and plants are in abundance and fill out the room.

     In addition to the computing services, students have the opportunity in the evening to talk to a peer counselor from the Writing Center in the new "Writing Room." Future services include color printing and a laptop checkout program. Three new laptop computers will be available to students to use within the Library. Upon return to the lab, the students will have the capability to connect to the campus network and print or transfer their files.

     Paul E. Andrew's gift can be measured by the numbers but this would only tell part of the story. Since its opening in August, the lab operates at least three hours a day at maximum capacity and rarely below forty percent capacity. This only increases as the semester comes to a close. Service knowledge, and technology are contributions that the Library makes to a well-rounded education at TCU.

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