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Vol. X, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

                  November, 1998
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Message from the University Librarian
by Bob Seal

     The semester is already winding down and our students are beginning to prepare for and worry about final exams. For new freshmen, this can be a particularly stressful time. As always, the Library staff is on hand to help the students with that last-minute assignment or research project. Anecdotally, we have witnessed a significant increase in activity this fall with more books circulating, more questions being answered, and more people using the building. We are pleased with this turn of events, though we don't know exactly the reason for the rise in use of our collections, facilities, and services.

    While we have always been a friendly, service-oriented staff which receives regular compliments from our clientele, we also have made a strong effort in recent months to make the Mary Couts Burnett Library a more inviting, comfortable place to be. Perhaps this effort, just in its initial stages, is already paying off. The best thing we have done in several years has been our new computer lab on the main floor. Funded by TTI, Inc., the lab opened in August and has been tremendously popular with the students. It has the latest technology, twice as many computers as the old lab, comfortable seating, green plants, a lounge area, and, as usual, a helpful staff.

    We also relaxed our food and drink policy this fall, permitting students to bring coffee, soda, water, etc. into the building, hassle-free. We have begun to purchase some overstuffed chairs and couches thanks to funds provided by the Friends. We have created both quiet areas and group study areas to meet the different study habits of our students. A coffee bar and café are in the works for 1999.

    The Library now offers more electronic resources than ever before including some 3,100 full-txt, online periodicals. Our students really love being able to get such information more easily, both in the Library and in their homes or dorm rooms. If they can't get what they need here, they can utilize Interlibrary Loan or visit any one of 160+ academic libraries in the State and borrow materials directly thanks to a new statewide resource-sharing consortium known as TexShare.

    In short, we continue to improve what we are doing-enhancing services and being open and sensitive to the needs of today's students. The Friends have played an important role in all this with their generous annual gifts which allow us to "go above and beyond."

    Thank you all and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

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