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Vol. XI, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

April 1999
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Friends Support "Barnes & Noble" Library Efforts

     To enhance its welcoming atmosphere and create a relaxing ambiance, the Library is installing comfy chairs, a coffee bar and considering soft music in some areas. Bookstores such as Barnes and Noble's and Borders originated this concept and are using it to further their appeal to customers. In 1998, the Library began a "Barnes and Noble" project. A committee of Library staff (Barbara Standlee, James Lutz, Dennis Odom, Karen Weber, Sandy Schrag, and June Koelker) organized efforts to make the Library more welcoming to students in its décor and atmosphere. The intent is to capture the comfort and "curl up with a good book" feeling that local bookstores have fostered. We do not want to replicate a bookstore's commercialization, but do want to bring the attractiveness of these settings to the Library.
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