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Vol. XI, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

April, 1999
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Luxembourg Ambassador Speaks to Friends

      A good group of Friends of the Library, their guests, and other interested people attended a talk by the Ambassador of Luxembourg, Arlette Conzemius-Paccoud. Ms. Conzemius gave a general description of her country and its relations with the rest of Europe and the United States, as well as a brief overview of Luxembourg's history and culture. There followed a lively question and answer period in which several interesting questions were put to the ambassador.

    The ambassador, who presented her credentials to President Clinton as Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to the United States on September 10, 1998, was in Fort Worth to visit the Luxembourg collection at TCU and to learn why a bunch of Texans would have such an interest in her country. She was also here to present to Chancellor Ferrari a gift of books to be added to the library's collection of Luxembourg materials and to discuss ways and means of possibly expanding TCU's relationship with the Grand Duchy.

    The Friends also took this opportunity to present a plaque of appreciation to Dr. James Newcomer, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus of the University, for his continuing efforts to build the Luxembourg collection through gifts from his personal collection, as well as buying materials for the Library while traveling in Luxembourg. Dr. Newcomer, who has written two books on the history of the country, became interested in Luxembourg during World War II.

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