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Vol. XI, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition  

November, 1999
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New Power Cards
By James Lutz

     With the start of the fall semester, colorful and more useful ID cards have been issued to the TCU community. Not only is there a change in color but a change in technology of the cards. The new cards will allow students to charge their accounts for meals, laundry and vending machines and will also work as keys for access to some campus buildings and rooms. Within a few weeks they can be used to pay for photocopying in the Library. The special wiring and "smart card" readers which will enable this are in the process of installation. One great consequence will be the end of the current VendaCard system which requires library users to buy and carry yet another plastic card usable only in the Library. Persons still carrying value on VendaCards are being urged to spend them down and the Library will credit any balances to the holder's account. Some library photocopiers will be equipped with bill and coin boxes to accommodate non-TCU users.
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