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Vol. XII, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

November 2000

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 University Mace on Permanent Display in the Library
By Hugh Macdonald

  Mace What was originally a recessed niche for a public pay phone in the Library Lobby has been handsomely refitted as an illuminated display case for the University Mace. Before the inaugural of Chancellor Michael Ferrari, TCU had never had that article of academic regalia called a mace - an ornamental and metaphorical version of the medieval weapon which is usually carried by a Faculty Marshal in the fore of academic processions. TCU's mace was commissioned in 1999 by the Chancellor's Inaugural Committee, chaired by Bob Seal. It was decided to derive the shaft of the mace from a red oak lintel salvaged from the original 1873 AddRan College building in Thorp Spring. Robert Kramer, a carpenter and cabinetmaker on the staff of TCU's Physical Plant, volunteered to fashion the shaft and the noted Finnish-American sculptor, Seppo Aarnos, was commissioned to create its brass and amethyst crown featuring a bronze horned frog. Robert Kramer was subsequently asked to design and construct the new display case which, in addition to the University Mace, will also contain the University Medallion.
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