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Vol. XII, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

November 2000

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Message from the University Librarian
by Bob Seal

The TCU Library continues to change with the world around it and this fall has been no exception.  For the past two years, in addition to the ongoing improvement of our computer facilities and expansion of electronic resources, the staff has been working hard to improve the environment of the building.  The Barnes & Noble Project, begun in 1998, had a goal of making the Library more comfortable, inviting, and conducive to study and research.  Over the past two years, with the financial help of the Friends, the staff has already implemented several phases of the plan to enhance the Library’s atmosphere.  This includes new furniture, especially comfortable arm chairs and rockers; a sound system for playing classical music in the periodicals room; and the designation of quiet study areas.
Bistro opening

In September, the last piece of the Barnes & Noble Project was put into place, a café in the lobby of the Mary Couts Burnett Library.  Operated by Sodexho Marriott, our campus food services contractor, the café features Starbucks coffee, juice, fresh fruit, tea, bottled water, snack bars, and Krispy Kreme donuts.  Not surprisingly, the Bistro Burnett has been a big hit with our students and with the Library staff.  Business has been very brisk and the seven tables in the lobby are often full of people studying or conversing.  The café has truly transformed what was once a traditional academic library into a modern facility which is not only the campus center for information resources but a popular place for social activity and intellectual interchange as well.

The café was made possible in large part by the Trinkle family who gave the Library a very generous gift in memory of Kent Trinkle, a TCU student in the 1970’s.  Their kind gift, along with funds from Student Affairs, paid for the remodeling and purchase of food service equipment.   We are grateful to Eugenia, Barrie, and Allison Trinkle for their generosity and thoughtfulness in making our café project a reality, and to Dr. Don Mills, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs for sharing our vision and providing financial assistance.Bistro Opening image

Because of Bistro Burnett, the TTI Computer Lab (1998), and other factors, Library use has increased dramatically in recent months.  A recent count of users passing through our turnstiles showed 16,000 visitors in a single week, about double the number three years ago.  More importantly, this figure represented 4,500 different people, more than half our student body.  The new furniture, the café, our helpful, service-oriented staff, computer facilities, and more are all contributing to a revitalization of our Library and bringing more and more students to us each week.

Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season,

Bob Seal
University Librarian

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