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Vol. XIII, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

November 2001

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Early English Books Online
By Hugh Macdonald

 Early English Books Online is a new TCU Library resource which affords electronic access to some 125,000 books and other materials which were printed in England or in English abroad from the year 1475 through the year 1700.  The works in this collection are presented as full page images which may be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format for viewing off-line.  In addition to actual page size, page images may be reduced or magnified to suit the reader.

 Whether you are a lover of English literature, a student of English history, a theologian or devote of early printing, the ability to examine the images of actual first edition texts of Thomas Malory or Thomas More; Shakespeare or Isaac Newton is truly exciting. Also included in the collection are the first English translations of Erasmus, Galileo and other continental authors. For theologians there are all editions of Bibles, prayer books, and religious tracts printed in England before 1701. There are, moreover, thousands of political pamphlets and broadsides, royal proclamations, almanacs calendars and other primary sources.

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