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Vol. XIII, no. 2

   TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

           November 2001

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President's Fall Message
by Eugenia Trinkle

 Suppose you came to a Friends of the TCU Library program and found yourself tiptoeing around the reference room looking for clues to a murder.  Or maybe you would be sitting at the coffee bar enjoying snacks and chatting with friends. 

Would you think you were in the wrong place?  Not if you knew that the Friends are in the process of change.  There will still be a faculty lecture series, but it will be interspersed with different exciting programs.

A major goal of the Friends is increased membership, including more younger members, and University Librarian Bob Seal, members of the Friends board and past presidents have agreed that more variety should appeal to many.

Friends Vice President Bridget Thomas and Treasurer Kevin Kuenzli are chairing program and membership committees at work now to help make the best changes possible.

You can help too. If you have program ideas, call the Library Administrative Office with suggestions. Talk to your friends about our Friends organization. Tell them about the meetings, but also make sure they are aware of their opportunities to use the Library. And tell them their dues and donations make possible the Friendsí special annual gifts to the Library.

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