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Vol. XIV, no. 1

   TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

           April 2002

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President's Message
by Eugenia Trinkle

Dear Friends,

We all know silver gifts are proper for 25th anniversaries, gold for 50th. But too many of us are baffled by what to give for a 20th or 30th anniversary. That’s not a problem for the Friends of the TCU Library. For 30 years the Friends have been giving to Mary Couts Burnett Library in the form of rare books, furniture, funding for computers and computer upgrades.

Friends members have funded for Special Collections; two unique proofs of T.S. Eliot’s Ash Wednesday; “Howls and Whispers,” a collection of poems by Ted Hughes; first editions of Melville’s Pierre and Thoreau’s Cape Cod; one of 300 numbered copies of Faulkner’s Miss Zilphia Gant; and countless other rare books.

In return, you have had the opportunity to hear Friends speakers such as author Stephen Harrigan, National Public Radio commentator Daniel Schorr, and our upcoming April 3 annual dinner speaker Richard J. Kuhta, Librarian for the Folger Shakespeare Library. The TCU Library will receive another special Friends gift that evening.

Obviously, you and the TCU Library have both profited by your membership in the Friends. We hope you will continue to pass that word on to your personal friends, that they have something to gain and something to give by being a Friend of the TCU Library. You are welcome to bring as many friends as you like to the annual dinner. We encourage you to bring them so they can experience some of the mutual benefits of being a Friend of the TCU Library.

As I conclude my enjoyable two years as Friends president, I think back fondly on my 30 years of membership, which has brought me a continuing closeness to the library I enjoyed as a TCU student; as well as a feeling of joy that I have been able to help it. My earnest hope is that you and your friends will feel the same!

Eugenia Trinkle

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