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Vol. XVII, no. 2 TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition March 2005


Sallie with Friends President, Susan Hotard

Sallie Wilmoth was the recipient of the eighth annual General Staff Award. The announcement of the award was made by Friends President, Susan Hotard, at the staff, retiree, board luncheon in January.

The printed citation described Sallie as someone with "quiet efficiency that doesn’t often attract attention, and as a consummate team player with a unique ability to handle tense situations with grace. She not only assists patrons but takes extra time to educate as well." In addition, "she turns out work of highest quality and exceeds at wearing several hats by effectively balancing job duties."

Sallie has been a member of the staff since 1997 and during that time, "has flawlessly performed the monumental task of posting invoices for hundreds of periodical renewals. ." Staff members know that Sallie is always one of the first to volunteer for something extra, an employee who is "True Purple" -- loyal to TCU and the Library.

The award, funded by the Friends, includes a check, certificate, and the addition of the winner’s name to a plaque in the library lobby.

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