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Message from the Interim Dean

By June Koelker

Greetings to each of you as a Friend of the TCU Library! The Library is in a transition period now as we prepare for a new Dean to be named later this spring. Having been fortunate to work with both Bob Seal and before him, Fred Heath, I am sure that the excellence of the Mary Couts Burnett Library at Texas Christian University will continue with the appointment of a new Dean of the Library.

We recently totaled the number of unique users entering the Library through the turnstiles during a given semester last year. Spring 2005 we tallied almost 8,100, Summer 2005 we had more than 3,600, and during Fall 2005 we tallied almost 9,000 different users among TCU student, faculty, and staff. For a campus with a current student enrollment of 8,700, the Library is heavily used!

During this interim time, we have many interesting projects ongoing. Susan Swain, Library Specialist in Special Collections, received the recent Staff Excellence Award at the January Staff Luncheon. Dennis Gibbons and Susan Hawk will tell you about our recent 18th century Salon held in the Library. James Lutz will describe the new Information Commons Service Desk. Later in April, we have another presentation by a TCU faculty member for the spring semester’s FacultySpeak program, planned for Apri 21st.

I encourage you to attend the Annual Friends of the Library Banquet March 28th. Our speaker is known to most of you. “True Lies: Adventures in Cuba” is the title of Bob Seal’s presentation that evening. With his recent visits to Cuba, his remarks will be based on first hand experiences. We look forward to an enjoyable evening and hope you will join us.

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