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Vol. XIX, no. 1 TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition November 2006

Jarvis-Van Zandt Family Papers

By Mike Strom

James J. JarvisSpecial Collections is pleased to announce that the Jarvis-Van Zandt Family Papers are open for research. The papers feature the correspondence of James J. Jarvis and his wife, Ida Van Zandt Jarvis. James J. Jarvis was a lawyer and businessman and the first president of the Add-Ran Christian University Board of Trustees. He is credited with writing the university charter, with some assistance from Ida. Ida Van Zandt Jarvis dedicated much of her life to civic reform and philanthropy. She was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, helped organize the Fort Worth YWCA, and served as president of the Fort Worth chapter of the Federation of Women’s Clubs and other organizations. She became the first woman trustee of TCU in 1928. Jarvis Hall was named in honor of James J. Jarvis and Ida Van Zandt Jarvis. Several of their descendants have remained involved with TCU including their son, Van Zandt Jarvis, who sat on the Board of Trustees, and their granddaughter, Ann Day McDermott, TCU’s first Special Collections librarian.

Special Collections has long held correspondence from James and Ida dating back to 1841. This correspondence continues to highlight the collection, since joined by additions containing records documenting the family’s real estate business and the life of Ann Day McDermott. The Jarvis-Van Zandt Family Papers is one of several archival collections in Special Collections documenting the history of TCU and the Fort Worth area.

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