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Vol. XIX, no. 1 TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition November 2006

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June Koelker - Dean of the Mary Couts Burnett Library

Dr. June Koelker has served as Interim Dean of Mary Couts Burnett Library for the past year. She came to TCU in 1988 as associate director of the library, and has held numerous posts and responsibilities in the intervening years, including oversight of budget preparation, project management, system rollout, personnel, as well as aspects of library administrative services, technical services, and development of the Information Commons. Dr. Koelker has also been actively involved in service to the university, including participation in a number of focus groups, committees and task forces. She has been a member of the American Library Association since 1980 and active in its Library Administration and Management (LAMA) Division since 1990. Dr. Koelker is a past Treasurer of the Texas Library Association.

“Having worked at TCU before becoming the Dean, I know what a special place the Mary Couts Burnett Library is for the Texas Christian University campus. The future promises continuing change for libraries; I intend to integrate the very best of these opportunities in order to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff.”

– Dr. June Koelker

Two TCU authors publish with TCU Press

By Judy Alter, Director

Cover of Fred Erisman's book Boys' Books, Boys' DreamsThis fall, the TCU Press list will feature books by two of the TCU family—Fred Erisman, Loraine Sherley Professor of Literature, Emeritus, and David Murph, Director of Church Relations.

Fred Erisman’s Boys’ Books, Boys’ Dreams, and the Mystique of Flight is a scholarly study of the boys’ aviation series books published from 1910-1950 that shaped at least two generations’ views of aircraft and American life. He reveals the part played by the book and their authors in spurring the American nation’s fascination with flying. For the book, Dr. Erisman did research in the extensive juvenile collection at the University of Minnesota and then at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, where he held the Charles A. Lindbergh Chair of Aerospace History.

Cover of david Murph's book Before Texas Changed: A Fort Worth BoyhoodDavid Murph’s Before Texas Changed: A Fort Worth Boyhood is a memoir about growing up just blocks from TCU in the 1950s. He recalls a mischievous childhood punctuated by adventures in driving, occasional acts of accidental arson, more than one trip to the jailhouse and countless other tales. But it is also a book about the reality of a close family—his parents and younger brother—and what they meant to each other.

Both books will be available in September.

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Friends of the TCU Library Gift New Reference Room Furniture

18 chairs, 4 loveseats, and 26 tables have been purchased for the Reference Room by the Friends of the TCU Library.

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