In 1938 Amon Carter entertains aircraft executives who would later form American Airlines


Business leader
Beginning as founder pioneer in American radio, television and aviation, his energies were spent on building West Texas and Forth Worth, and he was successful establishing Big Bend National Park and Texas Tech University, and in luringamong othersConvair (now Lockeed), General Motors and American Airlines to "Where the West Begins," meaning Forth Worth; the phrase is a civic slogan he made known around the world.  Jerry Flemmons, Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Carter made air-minded individuals and corporations aware of Fort Worth and Fort Worthians aware of the benefits of aviation by inviting and entertaining public and private air officials, publicizing their visits, and fighting aviation's battles, such as urging a strong civilian air industry and powerful military air forces, in the Star-Telegram. Samuel E. Kinch Jr. in Amon Carter: Publisher-Salesman

Texas Christian University
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