Amon Carter had a hot breakfast brought to airline execs at an airport hangar when there was no time for a stopover


Friends and Colleagues

"Flew in last night from Vinita, Okla., against a head wind. On to Houston this morning. Was met at the field by the champion host of the world, Amon G. Carter." Will Rogers in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Friday, June 22, 1928.

Amon G. Carter's friends and colleagues included  prominent people in government, business, industry, and entertainment.

Mr. Carter's personal guests signed into the logs at Mr. Carter's home at Shady Oaks and at the Fort Worth Club. Over 4,000 signatures include those of:

Will Rogers Wiley Post
William Randolph Hearst Gene Autrey
Eddie Rickenbacker D.W. Griffith
Jim Wright Lyndon B. Johnson
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Samuel Goldwyn
Admiral Chester Nimitz J. Edgar Hoover
Eleanor Roosevelt Nelson Rockefeller
General George MacArthur Charles Lindberg
Harry S Truman Amelia Earheart
Bob Hope Billy Rose
Dwight D. Eisenhower Joan Crawford
Clara Bow Buster Crabbe
Bing Crosby Charles Russell
Eddie Cantor Morton Downey
Elsa Maxwell Charley McCarthy and Edgar Bergen
Jack Dempsey
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