The New Breed: An Anthology of Texas Poets. Prickly Pear Press: Dallas and DeKalb, Illinois, 1973. Cover design by Jim Jacobs.

Unfortunately, there is still today the stigma of any such regional tag as "Texas poet." We would be universal, not down-home. This despite the fact that most all our celebrated poetry has grown from a clearly definable region, that of Williams, Sandburg, Lowell, Olson, Jeffers. Frost himself said he would first be an individual, then a native of a given ground, and only last a universal poet. For many in our own day the difficulty is not so much learning to know a specific region and identifying with it, rather it is one of retaining a regional feel or developing it once we have been uprooted.

-- from the introduction by Dave Oliphant to The New Breed, 1973 --

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