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President’s Welcome

Ed Fritz

As the president of the Friends of the TCU Library, I am looking forward to an exciting year!

There are so many reasons to be a Friend of the TCU Library. Since 1972, the Friends of the TCU Library have enriched the TCU campus with their generosity. The Friends are dedicated to promoting and elevating the resources, services and operations of the Mary Couts Burnett Library. The Friends organization also provides opportunities for members to get acquainted with each other through a series of programs each year. These events include author visits, faculty presentations, dinner banquets and next year we will host the Texas Book Award Banquet, and various reception events.

If you are not a Friends member now, please consider joining. We fund so many worthwhile projects for the library and would sincerely appreciate you considering becoming a member. Can you ever have “too many friends?” Of course not! Membership forms are available online and in the library.

Here's to another great year, and I hope to see you at the library soon!

Edward Fritz
President, Friends of the TCU Library

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Friends of the TCU Library was founded in 1972

  • To encourage understanding and appreciation of the work of the main University Library and its special collections.
  • To build up a greater realization of the importance of the Library to the future development of the University.
  • To attract gifts in the forms of bequests, endowments, books, manuscripts, and other appropriate materials beyond the resources of the Library budget.
  • To serve as a medium through which friends of the Library may become acquainted and share their enthusiasm for books.

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Board Members

Current Officers


Ed Fritz

Mr. Ed Fritz


Kevin Kuenzli

Mr. Kevin Kuenzli

Library Dean

Dr. June Koelker

Dr. June Koelker


Mr. Craig Barbolla

Mr. Craig Barbolla

Members 2018-2020

Ms. Stephanie Brentlinger
Dr. Ken Hubbell
Ms. Tracy Hull
Dr. June Koelker, Library Dean
Ms. Mary Kay Varley

Life Members

Chancellor Victor Boschini

Staff Support

Shelda Dean
     phone: 817.257.6109

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Windows Newsletter

Windows, the newsletter of the Friends of the TCU Library, is published twice a year. Members receive a copy in the mail, which is also available here in PDF format.

2019 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2018 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2017 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2016 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2015 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2014 Spring (FlipPDF format) Fall (FlipPDF format)
2013 Spring (HTML format) Fall (HTML format)
2012 Spring Fall
2011 Spring Fall
2010 Spring Fall
2009 Spring Fall
2008 Spring Fall
2007 Spring Fall

These issues of Windows are online in HTML format.

2006 Spring Fall
2005 Spring Fall
2004 Spring Fall
2003 Spring Fall
2002 Spring Fall
2001 Spring Fall
2000 Spring Fall
1999 Spring Fall
1998 Spring Fall
1997 Spring
1996 Fall

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