Vol. IX, no. 1..........................................WINDOWS............................................Nov. 1996

President's Message

by Bill Wood

We need more Friends!

From time to time, I have had the opportunity to review the bylaws of the Friends of the TCU Library. Adopted on January 28, 1972, the bylaws prescribe the structure and organizational purpose of the Friends. They also represent the date on which the Friends of the TCU Library was founded.

When studying the bylaws, I always read Article II with enthusiasm, for it defines the purpose of the Friends. Article II reflects that on that January evening in 1972, at the Mary Couts Burnett Library, the founders of the Friends had a vision. The vision included, among other things, a commitment to enhance the appreciation of the TCU Library, and to provide assistance to the Library in ways that are beyond the Library's budget. The founders envisioned the purpose of the Friends as being:

In the month following its creation, the Friends recruited forty-six members and accumulated a balance of $527.24 in the bank. Today, almost twenty-five years later, we have a membership of 160 Friends, and have been able to provide financial assistance to the TCU Library in excess of $185,000 for acquisitions, materials, equipment, and training.

Clearly, we are a success; but as we approach the start of our next twenty-five years, the TCU Library will be facing increased demands for resources, and greater competition for those resources. The Library needs the Friends more than ever. And we need more Friends! If we are to maintain or exceed our current level of success, we must continue to grow, both in membership and participation. Our growth must be commensurate with the growth of the Library's needs. So spread the word. We need more Friends! With growth, we can continue to fulfill our commitment to the TCU Library, just as the Friends intended twenty-five years ago.

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