Vol. IX, no. 2..........................................WINDOWS ..........................................March 1997 

Three Texas Legends to Highlight Banquet

by Judy Alter 

The annual Friends Banquet will feature a lively and entertaining talk on three men who have become legends, dominating the history of Texas letters. J. Frank Dobie, Roy Bedichek, and Walter Prescott Webb?grandly called the triumvirate?were intellectuals and writers who asserted the values of the life of the mind at a time Texans, living in a still-close-to- the-frontier society, were more concerned with other pursuits: agriculture, oil, mercantilism, football. Friends as well as educators and colleagues, they were colorful personalities, as different from one another as possible, and countless stories are told about them?from swims in Austin's Barton Springs to long evenings spent in bourbon-inspired discussions at Dobie's Paisano Ranch outside Austin. Together, their writings and their public persons helped define Texas and establish its literature. They wrote of the state's folklore, history, and natural wonders, and in so doing, led the way for future generations. Without Dobie, Bedicheck and Webb, McMurtry, Graves and Kelton might not have established the literary reputations they enjoy today as Texas writers. 

[Don Graham] "Dobie, Bedichek and Webb: Three Legends of Texas History," will be presented by Dr. Don Graham, J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American and English Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. Relying on biographies and personal correspondence for research, Graham has added his own commentary to the story of these three unforgettable pioneers of Texas literature. The talk will be enhanced by slides. 

A well-known scholar and authority on Texas literature, Don Graham will not be a newcomer to the TCU campus. He attended school here as a freshman, studied under the legendary Mabel Major, and talks even today of the impact she had on his education. At present, he is at work on a collection of his essays, Giant Country, tentatively scheduled for 1998 publication by the TCU Press. 

Graham is the author of No Name on the Bullet: A Biography of Audie Murphy (1989) and Cowboys and Cadillacs: How Hollywood Looks at Texas (1983). He has edited South by Southwest, a collection of short stories by contemporary Texas writers and Texas: A Literary Portrait and has written articles on Larry McMurtry, the movie version of Texas cowboys, recent Texas literature ("Is Dallas Burning?"), Katherine Anne Porter, Southfork, the Texas mystique and the problems of serious Texas writing, and literary wars ("Palefaces vs. Redskins"). He has recently completed a screenplay about Audie Murphy and is at work on a book about traveling abroad. 

The banquet will be April 1 at Colonial Country Club. A cash bar will be open at 6:30; dinner will be served at 7 p.m. Please make reservations before March 27 by calling the Library administrative offices, 921-7106. Dinners will be $25 per person. Annual awards will be presented in a brief program following the dinner. 

Don't miss an evening that promises to be informative and entertaining. 

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