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Vol. X, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

November 1998
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Bound Periodicals Shift Completed in Record Time

Bob, Janet and Cheryl      After ten years of preparation, it took just two months to shift the bound periodicals from title to Library of Congress call number order. Over the years, library staff worked on such projects as cataloging titles and verifying call numbers, updating and cleaning up records, setting up databases, moving volumes to a remote storage facility to alleviate a space crisis, and affixing some 200,000 call number labels to bound volumes spines. During the summer of 1995, current periodicals located in the Reading Room were moved from title to call number order. This latest shift brings uniformity, with all the books and periodicals shelved under the Library of Congress subject classification system. When patrons want to browse for periodicals in a specific area of interest, they can now do so without having to know any titles. When they do have titles, they can now find them in one area rather than scattered around on two floors. The new arrangement also means that runs of a periodical will continue to be shelved together even if the title changes. For these reasons and more, library patrons and staff alike are benefiting from the new bound periodicals arrangement.

    The planning team had estimated that if the work began as soon as the spring semester ended, the shift would be completed in time for the fall semester. The first volume was moved on May 11 and the last one was put in place on July 17-well before the beginning of the fall semester. Cheryl Sassman, Head of Circulation, and her staff and students were in charge of the shift. Staff member Mike Donhou, who supervised and worked with the students, quickly developed a team that worked hard, but had fun too. This team spirit was maintained throughout the project and carried it to a successful early completion.

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