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Vol. X, no. 2

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

  November, 1998
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President's Message
By Bob Newkirk

     Let me express my sincere and deep appreciation for the honor the board has bestowed upon me to serve as their President for the coming year. I will do my best to justify their confidence.

    Working together, we can lay plans for the future of our organization and particularly the TCU Library. The committee is already hard at work planning future activities and programs for the coming year.

    Looking forward to the year 2000, our goal should be first to increase our membership and in so doing, bring back those members who have not renewed. Second, we need to plan and implement activities and events this year that will be exciting informative and fun for our members and guests. Third, and most important, we need to assist our librarian, Bob Seal, in every way possible in those projects he has and will outline for the future of the TCU Library.

    On behalf of the Board, I would like to express our thanks to Bob for the leadership and the improvements he has brought to TCU and its Library. We pledge our continuing support to him and his staff.

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