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Vol. XII, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

April 2000
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Audio Center Project
By James Lutz

       The Library has received funding to proceed with a much-needed upgrade to the Music Library’s Audio Center.  Several meetings with Music Library staff and Dr. John Burton, Music, have taken place to assess the needs and scope of the project.  It is hoped that during the summer of 2000 the renovations can occur.

            Current planning includes replacing listening equipment with newer broadcast and receiving equipment using a digital matrix.  This allows one work to be heard and controlled by someone on the floor.  It also allows subsequent users to listen to the same material and record it to their local station for repeated playback under individual control.  Included in this part of the project are new listening carrels.

            Two additional items are currently under investigation for inclusion in the project.  There is growing interest in providing music reserves electronically through a system such as RealAudio and to provide a group listening and viewing room in the Music Library.  These additional projects are being researched and cost data is being gathered.

            The library is very excited about this renovation.  Having an updated and modern facility serves as a recruiting tool and provides library users a more enjoyable experience. 

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