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Vol. XII, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

April 2000
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Message from the University Librarian
by Bob Seal

     The Library is completing a major technology upgrade funded through a $423,000 grant received in 1999 from the Texas Telecommunication Infrastructure Fund Board (TIFB). The TIFB has provided millions of dollars over the past four years to connect schools, libraries, and universities to the Internet. TIFB funds have helped these educational institutions acquire software, computers, printers, and other hardware, as well as install the wiring and other infrastructure to provide fast, reliable connections to the Internet and World Wide Web. As a result, Texas is one of the most "connected" states in the Union.

    TCU's grant application had two parts: 1) to upgrade the campus telecommunications network to give students in dorms faster and better connections to the Web, and 2) to improve the Library's ability to provide quality Internet service and thus enhance access to online databases, electronic journals, and Web sites. In the Library, funds were used to acquire 15 new computers for the Reference Room; 10 laptops for circulation to students for in-building use; 11 new PC's for the Computer Lab; and several other computers for the lobby and stack areas. Many of the new computers have flat screen monitors, and the laptops have the ability to connect to the Internet using wireless technology.

   In addition, TIFB funds were used to buy two state-of-the-art video projectors for our library instruction program to improve our capability to show students how to effectively use the Internet and Web for research. We also acquired an advanced scanner to make copies of articles to be sent over the Internet as part of our Interlibrary Loan program. All in all, the grant was a tremendous benefit to the Mary Couts Burnett Library. It brought our public computer equipment up-to-date, providing our students and faculty with the tools they need to use effectively our many online databases and electronic journals and books. As I have said before, we strive to provide quality service to our clientele in the midst of rapid and constant change. The TIFB grant has allowed us to achieve that goal for the foreseeable future.

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