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Vol. XII, no. 1

   TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

           November 2000

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President's Message
by Eugenia Trinkle

It's a delight to welcome you to an active new year as Friends of the TCU Library!  The special programs begin Nov. 17, when TCU Emeritus Professor Dr. Ben Procter will discuss his biography of noted newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst.  Near the time of the inauguration Dr. Paul Boller, also an emeritus history professor, will regale us with tales of other such events from his new book on presidential inauguration.

We're all anticipating the first Texas Book Award, to be presented by the Friends and TCU Press at the annual Friends dinner next spring.  The winning author will be our guest speaker that evening.

When you're ready for a bit of relaxation, come to the Library to enjoy our new coffee bar.  You can sit and sip coffee and snacks as you browse through contemporary books shelved nearby.

Eugenia Trinkle
President, Friends of the TCU Library
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