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Vol. XIII, no. 1

TCU Library Newsletter, Web Edition

April 2001


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General Staff Award

The Friends of the TCU Library presented the fourth Library General Staff Recognition Award to Joyce Martindale, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, at the annual staff and Friends board Luncheon in January.  

In announcing the award Friends president, Eugenia Trinkle, read a citation composed by Pat Austin last year’s winner.  It read in part, “The winner of this year’s Award is a person who improves the Library’s reputation everyday.  Her work ethic and attitude have made a real difference to our success.  She is a cooperative team player.  She rarely misses a day at work.  She is a committed and dedicated employee, a steady force who guides her department through times of stress and an often-heavy workload. 

Her delightful smile and good humor never fail to brighten the day.  She is cheerful, hardworking and very organized.  When dealing with difficult patrons, she remains calm and pleasant.  She goes the extra mile to make sure that patrons get the information they need.

Her steadfast and exemplary services support faculty and graduate research.  Library surveys indicate nothing but high praise for her from both students and faculty.  Adjectives describing her include such positives as “professional”, “courteous”, cooperative”, “congenial”, “consistent”, “efficient”, and “a pleasure to work with”.

Her dependability and responsiveness answer not only the need of the TCU community, but generously benefit those institutions served by loans from TCU.  Under her supervision, her department has become a model for other libraries to imitate.  She has ensured that TCU’s interlibrary loan operation enjoys high regard not only on campus but also among academic libraries nationwide.  She and her fine staff have earned important awards and recognition to prove it.

The award includes a check, certificate, and addition of the recipient’s name to plaque in the library lobby.



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