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Renovations of the Mary Couts Burnett Library, 1980s wing, are in full swing. In recent months, we celebrated
an important turning point in the project - transition from a deconstruction site to a construction site. The
1980s wing and original entrance has been removed. Students and visitors now enter through the new west
entrance on University drive. From this point on it’s all building up, framing out and adding finishing touches
until summer of 2015, when the renovation is scheduled to be complete.

                              1 January 2014
                                                                                          The west side of the Library
                                                                                          during demolition.

                                                          3 July 2014
                                                                 Demolishing the Library entrance.
                                                                 Visitors now enter through new
                                                                 west entrance on University Drive.

               2 January 2014
                      The second floor during demolition
                      looking onto University Drive.

                                                          4 July 2014
                                                                 Workers start tearing down
                                                                 the east side of the Mary Couts
                                                                 Burnett Library. A new entrance
                                                                 will be on this side.

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