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Congratulations                                      “When I first came here as a reference librarian in 1979, they
                                                               showed me to a file cabinet with one of the drawers with my name            “

         and Gratitude to                                      on it and said, ‘you may put your things here.’ I didn’t have a desk   Roger is the
                                                               or a chair or an office or anything. I didn’t even have a typewriter.
                                                               My first annual report, I had to bring my own electric typewriter
        Roger Rainwater                                        up here. And I made mention of that in my report: ‘We need            best boss I
                                                               more typewriters.’ I didn’t have an office until I became Special
                                                               Collections librarian.”                                               have ever had.

                                                               On November 30, Roger Rainwater, Special Collections Librarian,             ”
                                                               is retiring from the Mary Couts Burnett Library after a career
                                                               that has spanned more than 37 years. Roger’s career has been              SUSAN SWAIN
                                                                                                                                        Library Specialist
                                                               characterized by a love for understanding the rarity of books,          Special Collections
                                                               manuscripts and other unique materials as well as library service
                                                               and teaching. He has been an integral part of the Library, Special
                                                               Collections and to Texas Christian University.
                                                                                                                               Bodleian Library Treasures. The Bodleian Library is home to treasures from throughout history and every corner of the globe with
                                                               “I have seen firsthand Roger’s dedication and passion in his work   fascinating stories – rare books, manuscripts, maps, music, ephemera and many other treasures.
                                                               and service to TCU,” said Linda Hughes, Addie Levy Professor of
                                                               Literature, TCU.                                                “It was a delight to hear Vaisey talk about the remarkable and historically rich collection that is at the Bodleian Library,” said
                                                                                                                               Roger. “The stories were very captivating.”
                                                               Roger began his career as a library assistant shelving books at
                                                               the University of North Texas in 1968, he became a clerk at the   Most recently, at the Chancellor’s request, Roger and Dr. June Koelker went to Nashville, TN to visit with a TCU alumni whose
                                                               University of Texas at Austin in 1976, and he left UT and headed   private collection may be forthcoming to the Library. “Paying a visit to this personal library was absolutely amazing. In addition to
                                                               west to Texas Tech University Library in 1977 as Circulation    floor-to-ceiling stacks of books, this personal library holds many first editions,” says Roger.
                                                               Librarian. Arriving at Texas Christian University in April 1979,
                                                               Roger served as an Assistant Reference Librarian. In 1981, he was   Did you know Special Collections was housed on the fifth floor of the Sid Richardson building? From 1981-1985, Roger split his
                                                               appointed Special Collections Librarian for half time and the other   time between Special Collections, which was in the Sid Richardson building at the time and the Library where he was a reference
                                                               half he was Assistant Reference Librarian. In 1985, he became   librarian. Special Collections officially moved its collections to the Library in August 1982.
                                                               Circulation Librarian, a position he held until being appointed
                                                               Special Collections Librarian in 1989.                          One of Roger’s fondest memories was eating lunch on the rooftop of the Library during the late 1970s, and early 80s. On occasion,

                                                               Roger holds an MLS from The University of Texas at Austin, a MA   Roger and his co-workers would enjoy lunch with a view, as well as a few dinners.
                                                               in history from the University of North Texas, and a BA in history
                                                               from the University of North Texas.                             Throughout his career, Roger has seen a lot of changes to the University and Library. While the campus may be as beautiful and
                                                                                                                               friendly as ever, it has changed tremendously over the years. The west side of campus was green fields, the Student Center did not
                                                               During his career at TCU, Roger has witnessed changes, captured   exist and there was plenty of parking. The student population has increased from around 6,000 in 1980 to more than 10,000 in
                                                               memories and experienced some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.   2016. Today, the campus is filled with dining options, parking garages and new buildings.

                                                               On June 3, 1989 Roger traveled to Washington, D.C. to talk to    When Roger first came to TCU, you could actually smoke in the library. There were even ashtrays mounted to the walls. He has
                                                               then Speaker Jim Wright and his staff about his collection.     been part of two renovations, 1981-83 and 2015. However, one of the biggest changes for Roger was computerization. It had an
                                                               Two days after being appointed Special Collections Librarian,   enormous impact to the Library as it shifted the librarian’s role.
                                                               Fred Heath, Library Director, and Larry Adams, Associate Vice
                                                               Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the time, asked Roger if he   “The recycling of the card catalog as the computers came into play has really changed the landscape of the Library,” says Roger.
                                                               could be ready that afternoon to fly to Washington, D.C. When   “The computers added de-emphasis to the physical book.”
                                                               they arrived at the Capitol Roger, Heath and Adams signed in, per
                                                               protocol, went through a door and stepped onto the House floor.   Remarkably, according to Roger, Special Collections has not changed much over the years as it still deals with actual items and
                                                               Roger witnessed the Democratic Caucus end Wright’s speakership   even though some collections are digitized, Special Collections is still interested in obtaining and preserving the physical object.
                                                               and elect Tom Foley as the new Speaker of the House. Today,     Roger has succeeded in adding historic rare books and various collections such as the Charles Lever Collection, Charles Dickens
                                                               Special Collections holds The Speaker Jim Wright Collection,    novels in parts, nineteenth-century periodicals and his favorite of all additions is the Lewis Collection. Another treasure is Poems
                                                               which consists of papers, photographs, audiovisual material,    by Two Brothers (a small book, 16 centimeters), which was a gift from the Friends of the TCU Library in 1993.
                                                               books and memorabilia that document his political career.
                                                                                                                               “I am definitely going to miss buying rare and lovely books, especially with other peoples’ money,” says Roger.
                                                               Roger also had the pleasure of meeting David Vaisey, Bodley’s
                                                               Librarian from University of Oxford. Vaisey spoke to the Friends of                                                                                              continued on page 10
                                                               the TCU Library in 1991 and shared stories from his book
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