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                                                A real love story

                                                                                                                                                              THE FRIENDS OF THE
      A                                                                                                                                            TCU LIBRARY AND TCU PRESS
                small selection of letters from the Love Family Letters collection was recently on display
                in the Special Collections reading room. The letters from the Civil War era, document the
                war from both the battlefield and the home front. The exhibit was held in conjunction
      with the publication of the TCU Press book, Yours in Filial Regard: The Civil War Letters of  a Texas                                                             PRESENT THE
      Family, edited by Kassia Waggoner and Adam Nemmers, two TCU graduate students. The book
      transcribes and edits all 79 letters in the Love Family collection.

      In March of 1861 Texas seceded from the Union and the Love brothers of Limestone
      County—Cyrus, Samuel, James and John—enlisted to fight for the Confederate cause. For the
      next four years, the brothers travelled the war-torn South as cavalry in Terry’s Texas Rangers,
      seeing action in some of the fiercest battles in the Western Theater, yet faithfully sending letters                                                                   TCU
      home to their expectant family.

      Complete with a scholarly introduction shedding insight into the Love family, their travels and
      their family communication network, this volume collects, transcribes and annotates 78 letters
      by eight authors spanning the entire Civil War. In addition to soldiers’ correspondence, the                                               TEXAS BOOK
      collection also contains letters written to and from their female relatives on the domestic front.

      Yours in Filial Regards: The Civil War Letters of  a Texas Family offers a fascinating inside perspective of the Civil War from both the
      Confederate battle lines and the home front.                                                                                                                AWARD

      KASSIA WAGGONER lives in Fort Worth. She is a doctoral candidate in the TCU English department, where she teaches
      composition, literature and women’s studies courses.

      ADAM NEMMERS currently resides in Fort Worth. He is an English doctoral student at TCU, where he teaches both composition
      and literature.
                                                                                                                                               FOR BEST BOOK ABOUT TEXAS
      Books are available for purchase from the TCU Press at or 817-257-6874.

                                       Chess Anyone?

                                                                                                                                     DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS JUNE 10, 2016
       3-D PRINTER! This 3-D printer recently took on a big job—printing chess
       pieces. A TCU student wanted us to buy a chess set to have available in the
       Library for recreational activity. What a great idea! An even better idea, instead                                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 817-257-7022
       of purchasing a chess set, we decided to make one using the 3-D printer.

       If you are a chess player and/or want to take a break from class, studying or
       to simply visit the library, the chess set is now available for check out for up to
       four hours. It’s waiting for you at the Library Services Desk.

       Spread the word to all of your chess playing friends!

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