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                      GREAT CONVERSATION

                                    An evening of  serious fun

     I                                                              TCU has supported thousands of  students in learning about the world,
           n celebration of  the new, extraordinary library and the
           heart of  the university on March 2 at the Mary Couts
                                                               and tonight, you have the opportunity to further that mission. Academics
           Burnett Library, the faces of our community came out for
     An Evening of Great Conversation.                         for all students begin right here in the library – it provides a community
                                                               of  support on campus to learn, to research, to study and to grow. Because
          It was definitely an unforgettable evening of some serious   the library is such a central part of  a student’s experience from day one,
     fun, fine dining and engaging conversations with prominent   it should be a reflection of  our school’s mission and encourage students
     individuals. The event featured Megan and Victor Boschini,    in their journey toward responsible global citizenship. An expansion of
     Hal Brown, Carlo Capua, Chris Del Conte, Pete Geren, Jeff   international materials in the library is critical to accomplishing this goal.
     Guinn, Hal Jay Harbuck, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Eric Lee, Pam   With a solid foundation, supported by the library and its resources, students
     Minick, Rosie and Mike Moncrief, Gary Patterson, Fritz Rahr,   can successfully learn to change the world.
     Van Romans and Jim Schlossnagle.                               TCU is an incredible place, with amazing facilities to support the
          Guests mingled at a pre-cocktail reception, then were   amazing people here. This new library, a space that touches every student,   Table Hosts, Standing: Eric Lee, Van Romans, Fritz Rahr, Hal Jay Harbuck, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Carlo Capua, Jeff Guinn, Jim Schlossnagle
                                                                                                                                 Sitting: Mike Moncrief, Rosie Moncrief, Pam Minick and Pete Geren (not shown: Chris Del Conte, Gary Patterson and Hal Brown)
     treated to a memorable repartee with one of our distinguished   has enhanced the student experience for all. It will propel us into the future,
     conversationalists—it was the one time you didn’t have to be   playing a role in advancing the academic career of  each student. So many
     quiet in the library.                                     students have told me how the new facilities of  the library have exceeded
          “WOW, what a great evening! It was most enjoyable and the   their expectations – and by adding to the international offerings of  the
     ‘buzz’ after was uniformly over the top positive,” said Kevin   library, it will only continue to exceed their expectations this time on a
     Kuenzli with McDonald Sanders, P.C. “Thanks for all of your   curricular level. We are incredibly grateful.
     work in the design and execution of this event, it was priceless.”
          “It was a delightful evening, fun and beautiful,” commented        Proceeds from this event benefit the library fund dedicated
     Janet Quisenberry. “It was such a pleasure to be part of this   to collecting international materials and expanding and
     event and to support the library’s efforts.”              strengthening the international curriculum for TCU students and
          In addition to dinner, drinks and conversation—the 100   faculty.
     plus attendees were treated to a message by TCU, Student Body       If the Mary Couts Burnett Library can provide the material
     President Maddie Reddick in which she summarized          needed to expand the international academic content, it’s a win-
     why this fundraising event is important to her and all TCU   win for TCU, students and faculty.
     students.                                                 Please contact 817-257-6109 or if you would
                                                               like to support this academic fund.

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