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             TCU Press Celebrates Undergraduate

         Research, Launches “The Boller Reivew”

           “ “                          Undergraduate research is an integral   TCU Press will publish the journal each
                                                                                fall and feature two research projects from
                                        component of TCU’s curriculum. Many
          Paul left a small bequest     of the university’s schools and colleges   each school or college.
          to TCU Press and we           provide funding support for student
          believe The Boller            research and professors actively mentor   Submissions must meet the research
          Review provides the           students. To highlight these research   guidelines and procedures established for
          highest impact for that       initiatives, as well as the students,   nominations in each school/college, as
          gift and serves as a          artists and creative writers behind the   outlines on their websites.
                                        research, TCU Press has created a digital
          valuable resource for the     journal titled The Boller Review: A TCU   “It’s important to note that two students
          university.”                  Journal of Undergraduate Research and   created this journal,” said Williams.

          Dan Williams, TCU Press Director  Creativity.                         “They researched online journals,
                                                                                solicited research from our faculty,
                                        “Paul left a small bequest to TCU Press   developed the framework for the
                                        and we believe The Boller Review        publication and built the supporting
                                        provides the highest impact for that gift   website.”
                                        and serves as a valuable resource for the
 107  ANNIVERSARY OF                    university,” said Dan Williams, director   Kit Snyder is a senior English major
                                        of TCU Press. “Undergraduate research
                                                                                and creative writing minor who works
                                                                                at TCU Press to learn about editing.
                                        provides many benefits to students,
 THE WACO FIRE                          including hands-on learning, development   Upon graduation, she plans to work
                                        of critical thinking and problem-solving
                                                                                in university publishing, Sarah-Marie
                                        skills and career preparation.
                                                                                Horning, who is completing a graduate
                                                                                her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from
                                        “Moreover, it benefits faculty members   fellowship at TCU Press, earned both
 T ragedy struck on March 22, 1910 when a fire erupted in the main building on TCU’s Waco campus, forcing the still-  and TCU through enhanced teaching,   the University of Central Florida. Her
                                                                                interests include 20th century literature,
                                        innovative and collaborative curricula and
 fledgling institution to rethink its future and set it on a course to Fort Worth.
                                        academic enthusiasm.”
                                                                                American Southern literature and critical
 One hundred seven years has passed, but no one knows exactly what started the fire. It’s a mystery likely never to be resolved.  theory and she is the winner of the
                                        The journal is organized by school or   Society Prize for Outstanding Conference
 According to Prologue: The TCU Library to 1983, on March 22, 1910, “just after study hours had begun,” Buford Isaacks, then   college and features downloadable   Paper for her presentation on McCullers’
 a student at the University writes, “many of us were disturbed because we smelled smoke and some where going from room to   abstracts of each student’s research,   The Member of the Wedding.
 room looking for the cause. Then suddenly from the fourth floor we heard the cry, ‘Fire, fire, the building is on fire.’” No lives   including posters, essays, graphic design
 were lost, but of the supposedly fireproof structure, only the exterior walls remained intact. The interior was a total loss. “The   work and video interviews. Additionally,   The  duo is working to develop a
 severest loss,” according to Dean Hall, was the library, “nearly all of which was destroyed.”   comments from faculty members who   committee of students from various
                                        advised, led or supported the students’   colleges to oversee the project going
 From a collection valued at $15,000 and containing about 8,000 volumes the library was reduced to three dozen and five books...   projects are available along with profiles   forward in conjunction with a faculty
 valued at about $65.                   of the students whose papers are currently   advisory committee comprising one
                                        under review, revision or ongoing, as well   representative from each school/college
 TCU ultimately found Fort Worth’s promise of fifty acres of land, $200,000, and connection to municipal utilities and streetcar   as students in honors colloquia.  and the library, and two representatives
 access too good to pass up. The school rebuilt in Fort Worth that same year. (Amanda Sawyer, “Texas Christian University,”   from the Office of Research.
 Waco History.)

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