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                                    Special Collections scans its 10,000  item

 Tejano Tiger: Jose del los Santos   Food and Philosophy    A Mexican Dream and Other   o bells and whistles went off, but on
 Benavides and the Texas-Mexico   by Spencer K. Wertz  Compositions  March 1, 2017, special collections
 Borderlands, 1823-1891   by Barbara González Cigarroa Nreached a major milestone adding it’s
 by Jerry Thompson  Is there such a thing as a pornography   10,000  item to the university’s online digital
 of food? What is the difference   A rare collection of interwoven essays   repository. The item is the Volume 1, No. 2 issue
 Thompson convincingly positions   between professional and regional   chronicling the fascinating history   of The Skiff (TCU’s student newspaper), dated
 Jose de los Santos Benavides as one   cuisine? What magical symbolism   of the Cigarroa family and their   September 26, 1902.
 of South Texas’s most important   do we partake in at a modern-day   influence on the Texas-Mexico border
 social, political, and military figures   dinner party? These topics and more   landscape.   “Many items have been digitized in the last year,
 of the nineteenth century. In addition   are explored in this smorgasbord of   but we hoped our 10,000 th  item would be one
 to providing an exhaustive record of   essays.  In presenting richly detailed vignettes   with a unique story to tell,” says Mary Saffell,
 the Civil War military career of Santos   with keen observation and grace,   senior archivist.
 Benavides, Thompson’s book also   These essays on food and philosophy   Cigarroa offers captivating and
 recounts the full life of a man whose   were written over several decades.   original insights not only into her   This issue of The Skiff exposed discourses about
 unusually steadfast commitment to   Not only philosophers and historians   family’s remarkable story, but also   the activities of the various literary societies,
 binational harmony and prosperity   but individuals who have an ongoing   into the beauty of the extraordinary   lots of rah-rah for the football team as well as
 deserves to be more widely   interest in food should relish them.  traits and enduring spirit of the people   what appears to have been an early version of the
 remembered.   of our Texas borderlands.  classifieds, with notes about who visited whom,
     who was preaching on Sunday and personal
 Winning Books Mean   commentary about whatever someone felt like
     saying. The priceless ads were for men’s clothing,
 Bragging Rights for    doctors and dentists, shaving parlors, local shops
     and mercantiles.

 TCU Press  The editors Colby D. Hall, Olive Leaman and
     Edward S. McKinney gave the outside world a
 Two TCU Press books received awards in 2016:   panoramic view of college life, incorporated an
     interesting motto “Rowing: Not Drifting” and
 •   James Haggard: New and Selected Poems received   sold annual subscriptions for 50-cents.
 the Philosophical Society of Texas’s Award of Merit
 for Poetry.  Digital images of the The Skiff collection
 •   Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey was a   from 1902 through 1911, are currently
 finalist in the International Association of Culinary   available online at
 Professionals’ annual awards. It was also shortlisted   handle/116099117/12511. Work is ongoing to
 for Gourmand International’s Hall of Fame.  add individual issues of The Skiff through 2005 to
     TCUs digital repository.

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