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Reception Honors TCU
        Faculty Authors

                                                                                  March 25, 2014 article by Kaitlyn Beckert published in TCU360, TCU’s online news source

TCU faculty members who have been published in recent years were recognized at a reception on Tuesday, March 25, in the
Mary Couts Burnett Library.
Their published works, including books, scholarly articles, musical scores and photographs, were showcased in the lobby of the
library, where faculty members celebrated their own accomplishments and the successes of their colleagues.
The TCU Library administration and TCU Office of Sponsored Programs hosted the biennial reception to acknowledge the
work of faculty authors.
“The Office of Sponsored Programs made this possible,” said Library Dean June Koelker. “We have had faculty work on display
before, but this is actually the first time we have had a reception for our faculty authors, thanks to Linda [Freed]’s generosity.”
More than 50 faculty members were published in the past year, and more than half of them attended the ceremony to honor the
range of scholarly activity at TCU.
Spanish and Hispanic Studies instructor David Bedford said the gathering was a great way to get to know other authors at TCU.
Bedford, who is also a fiction writer, had three books featured in the exhibition.
“It’s really nice to see the published works of my fellow colleagues on display,” Bedford said.
Students were also appreciative of the showcased work.
“I’m glad TCU recognized our educators,” said Andria Miller, a sophomore English major. “I know they put in a lot of time and
effort to publish their work, so I love seeing it shown in the library.”
These authors were honored at the faculty publications display: William Baird; Coleman Baker, Ph.D.; David A. Bedford;
M. Eugene Boring; Rita Brock, Ph.D.; Janace E. Bubonia, Ph.D.; Claudia V. Camp; Ralph G. Carter; Warren Carter, Ph.D.;
Aaron Chimbel; Matthew M. Chumchal, Ph.D.; Eric W. Cox; Ze-Li Dou, Ph.D.; Ray Drenner, Ph.D.; Richard Leo Enos, Ph.D.;
Amber Esping Ph.D.; John Fanchi; Ariel Feldman; Amiso M. George; Ann George, Ph.D.; William Gibbons; Daniel Juan Gil,
Ph.D.; George T. Gilbert, Ph.D.; David J. Gouwens; Joanne Green, Ph.D.; Kayla N. Green; Rhonda Hatcher, Ph.D.; Charlotte
Hogg, Ph.D.; John D. Horner, Ph.D.; Linda K. Hughes; Namsoon Kang; Jan Lacina, Ph.D.; LaLonnie Lehman; Robert P. Leone;
Jean-Lue Montchamp; Nathanael O’Reilly, Ph.D.; Janet Pummill; Mona Narain, Ph.D.; James Riddlesperger, Jr.; Susan Douglas
Roberts; James M. Scott; Brian K. Shepard; Abbie J. Shipp, Ph.D.; Stephen V. Sprinkle, Ph.D.; Susan Staples, Ph.D.; Kenneth R.
Stevens, Ph.D.; Frank N. Thomas, Ph.D.; Jo Nell Wells; D. Newell Williams, Ph.D.; Steven E. Woodworth; Dr. Qiao Zhang

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