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Publishing Winners

                    TCU Press books receive honors

TCU Press is riding high publishing winning books about the           Winner of the Texas State
history and literature of Texas and the American West. Several        Historical Association’s coveted
books published by the TCU Press in 2013 recently received            Ron Tyler Award for Best
honors from the Texas Institute of Letters, Philosophical Society     Illustrated Book on Texas
of Texas, and Texas State Historical Association.                     History and Culture goes to Fair
                                                                      Park Deco: Art and Architecture
                                Winner of the Texas Institute of      of the Texas Centennial Exposition
                                Letters’ Jesse Jones Award for        by Jim Parsons and David Bush.
                                Fiction and most prestigious fiction
                                prize in Texas goes to Thomas                                            Winner of the Philosophical
                                Zigal’s Many Rivers to Cross. The                                          Society of Texas’s Award of
                                novel unfolds through the eyes                                           Merit for Fiction goes to The
                                of the Grant family, separated                                           Chicken Hanger by Ben Rehder.
                                and stranded in the flooding of                                          The novel follows Ricky Delgado,
                                New Orleans following Hurricane                                          who works at the poultry plant
                                Katrina.                                                                 in Rugoso, Texas a small border
                                                                                                         town just thirty miles south of
Finalist for Texas Institute of Letters’                                                                 Laredo. His quiet, illegal lifestyle
Carr P. Collins Award for Best Work of                                                                   is disrupted when he learns that
NonFiction goes to The Harness Maker’s                                                                   his brother Tomas has been shot
Dream: Nathan Kallison and the Rise of                                                                   and injured shortly after crossing
South Texas by Pulitzer Prize-winning                                                                    the border. Together, they must
journalist Nick Kotz. This winning book                               decide if they will risk revealing their illegal status to seek
chronicles the history of the Kallisons, a                            justice or endure the injustices common to “wetbacks” in the
Jewish family instrumental to the growth                              states.
of San Antonio, Texas. “…A dramatic,
inspiring and here to fore little known side                          Finalist for the Philosophical Society
of Texas history.” —Bob Schieffer                                     of Texas’s Award of Merit for Fiction
                                                                      goes to Texas Jubilee, by James Ward
                            Finalist for Texas Institute of Letters’  Lee. Set primarily in the 1940s, this a
                            Fred Whitehead Award for Design goes      collection of connected short stories
                            to Hometown, Texas by Karla K. Morton.    about life in fictional Bodark Springs,
                            This book is a collection of poems and    Texas, paints a humorous picture of
                            artwork by students from around the       the politics, friendships, and secrets
                            state of Texas.                           that are part of day-to-day life in this
                                                                      eccentric little Texas town.
Finalist for Texas Institute
of Letters’ H-E-B/Jean Flynn
Children’s Book Award was
presented to Texas Chili? Oh My by
Patricia Vermillion. This children’s
book is a Texanized retelling of the
Three Little Pigs.

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