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“       Staff Highlighter: Patricia Austin

                                                     What’s your job? I am a Senior Library Specialist, which can be defined by many
                                                      things - from scheduling to book processing to helping out as needed.
                                                      Age? I will be 68 in June. Working on a college campus keeps me young at heart.
                                                      Years ago, I started as an Assistant Clerical (a position which no longer exists). I
                                                      was one step above student assistant. I believe the salary was $3.68 per hour. I
                                                      moved up the ranks to Student Supervisor and then head of Circulation where I
                                                      supervised both staff and students. After 13 years in Circulation, I moved across
                                                      the aisle to the Reference Desk. My primary job in Reference was to process books,
                                                      answer phones, produce leaflets and assist the Reference librarians when possible.
                                                      Learning the technique of conducting a good Reference interview was a major
                                                      accomplishment for me. I give all the credit to a wonderful mentor. My favorite
                                                      part of this job has always been helping students and faculty.
                                                      Hometown? I was born and raised in Boston, MA. Home to multiple,
                                                      championship sports teams.
                                                      How long have you worked at the Library? It will be 30 years November 8, 2014. At
                                                      that time, I will retire.
Favorite book? Without a doubt To Kill a Mockingbird. I have many other favorites, but this one made the strongest impression
on me. Also love Captains and Kings by Taylor Caldwell.
What’s your most memorable story from the TCU Library? Most memorable would have to be the library toe sucker chronicles.
And occasionally my alter ego, Sister Margarita, shows up in full habit with a yardstick to roam the library quizzing students and
delivering candy.
Hobbies? I used to go dancing all the time, but I haven’t done that in a while. I love sports - particularly football and baseball.
And of course, I love going to Horned Frogs games. In a previous life I crocheted, sewed, painted, did decoupage, etc. However,
both my interest and dexterity have waned for these pursuits.
This is the crystal ball question: where are you in ten years? In 10 years I hope to be living in the same house, but traveling on a
regular basis. One thing I know for sure, I won’t be pushing up daisies. I’m too ornery.

  “ Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most
             accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.
                                                                                                   - Charles William Eliot

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