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               Sharing unique items in the special collections archives

Special Collections has embraced blogging as a source for            3. An early seventeenth-century gradual, the music and words
sharing unique items of interest that have been donated to           for all the Masses of the Roman Catholic liturgical year. The
the special collections archives. Blogging about these rare          gift comes to the Library through the thoughtful generosity of
items allows us to share interesting information. You can read       Dr. Catherine A. Colquitt. The gradual is probably of Iberian
about several of the more recent items special collections have      origin as it uses a five-line rather than a four-line staff for the
received on our blog:                                                chant notation. Although not medieval, the volume was
                                     1. The personal papers          using the same
                                      of two women poets: the        methods and
                                      Violette Newton Papers and     materials that
                                      the Ramona Maher Weeks         would have
                                     Papers. These collections       been used
                                     trace the lives and literary    to produce
                                     careers of these women and      the same
                                     their love for poetry. These    document
                                     collections compliment the      in the
                                     Mabel Kuykendall Papers,        Middle Ages:
                                     also recently added to          vellum, gold
                                     Special Collections. These      illumination, hand written words and notation. Although
                                     collections give insight into   it appears that many of the versals, or initial letters, and
                                     the work of these three gifted  illustrations have been printed using wooden blocks and then
                                     and honored poets. We are glad  later highlighted in color by hand.
                                     they have a home at TCU.        At the request of the donor, the volume is to be known as
2. Recently received items from the family of Mrs. Kathleen          the Mixson-Colquitt Gradual, was given in memory of Dr.
Woodier Lutz. Born in Harvey, Illinois in 1921, she moved with       Colquitt’s parents, Betsy and Landon Colquitt, who were for
her family to Vernon, Texas                                          many years’ members of the faculty of TCU; and in honor of
during her high school years.                                        Linda and Keith Mixson.
While attending Harris School                                        Visit the Special Collections Blog for information on recent
of Nursing, she married in                                           collections and images:
secret, as student nurses were
not allowed to have spouses.
She graduated in 1943 and
continued to work at Harris
Hospital until she moved with
her husband to Bremerton,
Washington in 1944. Items in
the collection include a nurse’s
cape, cap, a diploma from
Harris Nursing College, two
photographs of Mrs. Lutz,
and other items. A collection inventory is available on the
Special Collections website.

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