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Message from the Dean

Plans are moving forward for the Library renovation! 2014 looks to be the year that construction could start. The purpose of the renovation is to address critical space shortages for book stacks and student seating. Since the renovated building will be about the same size as today's Library, it is necessary to move some of the book stacks offsite. The previous pattern of favoring book stacks over space for student seating will shift to favor student seating once the renovation is complete.

The university acquired a new facility about two miles from campus for book storage that is being prepared using national standards for temperature and humidity control. Library staff, in consultation with TCU faculty, is in the process of developing selection criteria to determine which items will be retained onsite and which will be moved to the new location. Over the summer, computer records in the library's database will be changed to reflect changes in the location of the books.

With the renovated space, the Library will expand seating options for all students, offer improved facilities for graduate students, offer more support for digital services and will improve its facilities for Special Collections and Archives. Once we have finalized plans from the architects, we will be able to share with you images and more information.

Enjoy spring and summer!