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New Library Facility and Library Services

The Library will move a substantial portion of its book collection to a new off campus facility, about two miles from today's Library. The move of material is necessary to provide more space for student seating. The new facility will hold volumes now shelved in the Library. The space is being prepared for TCU's occupancy using national standards for humidity and temperature control to better preserve library material for the future. The facility could be available by fall 2013. With this new pattern of book storage, library staff are developing new services to minimize the difficulties associated with this change.


Since bound journals will be stored offsite, the Library will scan requested articles for those with TCU network accounts and then e-mail the scans to requestors. Preliminary plans call for the scanning service to be available six days a week.


Once the new location is operational, the Library will begin twice-daily courier service between campus and the new facility, six days a week.


Library systems staff will develop virtual shelf-browsing software that will display images of book covers on users' computer screens that match the same physical sequence of books as if the users were looking at library shelves. The purpose of the software is to help library users to "browse" the offsite collection by seeing a virtual representation of library books arranged in the same sequence as if the books were on physical shelves.