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A variety of speakers, continued:

•	 Dr. Dan Williams, Honors Professor of Humanities and director of the TCU Press, spoke about university presses,
    highlighting their history and identifying future roles and trends.

•	 Mr. Dan Burgard, Director of the UNT Health Sciences Center Library, addressed the audience with the open access policy
    at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This agency’s policies will have implications for any researcher applying for
    grants from the NIH, which affects many TCU faculty.

•	 Dr. Chip Stewart, Associate Dean of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, discussed his open access journal titled
    Community Journalism, which started in 2012. This journal is located at

•	 Dr. Dru Riddle, Assistant Professor in the School of Nurse Anesthesia and Ms. Alysha Sapp, Nursing and Health Sciences
    Librarian at TCU, talked to the audience about a type of published research known as systematic review. A systematic
    review identifies and synthesizes all high quality research on a topic.

We also had several TCU faculty give presentations to highlight new projects, each in conjunction with the TCU Library:

•	 Dr. Linda Hughes, Addie Levy Professor of Literature, spoke of her digital humanities project with Jacob Brown, Digital
    Services Librarian, regarding her book Teaching Transatlanticism. A new website
    supplements and enhances her book.

•	 Dr. Michael Bachmann, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, spoke of his new open access journal titled Journal of Technology
    and Crime. This journal is being hosted by the TCU Library at the website

•	 Dr. Max Krochmal, Assistant Professor of History and Jacob Brown gave a joint presentation on Dr. Krochmal’s oral history
    project titled Civil Rights in Black and Brown: Oral Histories of the Multiracial Freedom Struggles in Texas. The website https://crbb. is the home for this project.

•	 Dr. Stathis Michaelides, Professor and W. A. (Tex) Moncrief Jr. Chair of Engineering, presented information about his
    upcoming open access journal titled Journal of Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer. This journal will be hosted by the TCU Library.

The first scholarly communication workshop event was a success and well-received by attendees and presenters. Each day
concluded with a reception, which provided opportunities for all in attendance to share their ideas with each other and reflect on
the day’s events. The TCU Library looks forward to hosting more workshops in the area of scholarly communication and open
access, and invites TCU faculty and staff to suggest ideas for collaborative projects.

             “The only thing that you absolutely have to
                   know is the location of the library.”
                             ~ Albert Einstein

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