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Walter Betts, Texas Library Association’s
2015 President-Elect

The Texas Library Association (TLA), has elected Walter Betts, Systems
Librarian and Adjunct Instructor for Texas women’s University, as its next
President-Elect. Walter will begin serving as TLA’s 2015 President-Elect on
April 17, 2015.

“Bright and visionary, Walter Betts is the perfect leader for this 7,000 member
statewide association of library and information professionals,” said Patricia
H. Smith, TLA Executive Director. “He espouses the highest standards of
professionalism in his work and aspires to implement innovative strategies to
further the excellence and skills of our members. Committed to advancing
libraries and library services, Walter will bring exciting new perspectives in our
efforts to promote access to information and 21st literacy.”

Betts was asked, How will your candidacy advance the work of TLA on                 Texas Llibrary Association 2015 President-Elect,
behalf of Texas Libraries? “Engagement is the new buzzword. Everyone                Walter Betts
wants active involvement and participation from their engaged members.
Libraries strive for community engagement as they look for opportunities
for collaboration. I want to see TLA pursue engagement at the association
level: engagement with our members, our existing partners and our potential
partners. This is the next step in the natural progression of our leadership
and advocacy efforts and the embodiment of TLA’s mission of “promoting,
supporting and improving library services in Texas.”

Betts has been on the TLA executive board since 2012 where he most recently
served as ALA Counselor.
New TLA Executive Board candidates are nominated by the current board
and then selected in a general election the membership held in February.
After his one-year term as President-Elect, Betts will begin his term as TLA

The Texas Library Association is the largest state library association in the
U.S. Its 7,000+ members are employed in all types of libraries: academic,
public, school, and special.

The Texas Library Association was established in 1902 to promote,
support and improve library services in Texas.

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