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Farwell Linda                                                            STAFF
s Lisa Pena

. Position: I am a Special Collections Library Specialist in the
                                                                                      Mary Couts Burnett Library at TCU.

                                                                                      Hometown: I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and now live
                                                                                      in Fort Worth, TX a.k.a Cowtown.
e How long have you worked at the library: I have worked in
s the library for 15 years, love it!

                                                                                      Job description: I help manage items in Special Collections,
                                                                                      making sure TCU publications such as The Skiff x 360 are
e archived and properly indexed. I also process collections, assist
                                                                                      researchers and much more, all related to Special Collections.

t                                                                     Something you never expected: To develop a passion for the
                                                                      preservation of history.

s                                                                     Hobbies: Walking, swimming and reading (of course!)

   Linda Lee retired from her position as library specialist in Favorite Book(s): Astoria by Peter Stark and The Nightingale by
   acquistions at the TCU Library on April 17, after 17 years.
                                                                      Kristin Hannah.

   Linda has been a valuable staff member in the Acquisitions         You love music, right? Greatest album of all time: The
   Department working with our standing orders. She has               Beatles, Red Album. I like every song on it. It may not be the
   developed excellent relationships with our vendors making sure     greatest album of all time, but it is probably my favorite of all
   we’re getting what we ordered. While Linda’s sunny personality     time.
   will be greatly missed, she will be happy to be able to focus her
   time and energy on her farm in Oklahoma.                           This is the crystal ball question: Where are you in ten
                                                                      years? Retired, living in Santa Fe, NM and enjoying my
   “It has been an amazing experience working at TCU’s library;       grandchildren (when I finally have grandchildren), who live
   I loved every minute! My friends in Tech-Services are the ‘salt    next door to me!
   of the earth.’ I love these guys!” says Linda. “I remember
   Dennis Gibbons showing me my desk on the first day at work.
   I sat down, looked out the window at the beautiful trees,and
   gardens, the students walking to class and heard Brite’s chapel
   bells ringing — I could hardly believe my good fortune. God
   has been so good to me. Thank you for coming along with me
   on the journey. Mary Couts Burnett is the best place to work
   and I had the best job on campus! May God bless and keep you

   “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye
   so hard.” ~ Winnie the Pooh

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